Have You Tried Ethiopian Food?

Broaden your palette at our restaurant in Davenport, IA

Ethiopian food is rich in flavor. Experience an incredible meal at Taste of Ethiopia. Our restaurant serves authentic Ethiopian dishes made with love. With meat and vegan options available, our restaurant has something tasty for you.

Stop by our restaurant in Davenport, IA to try one of our Ethiopian dishes.

Try a delicious Ethiopian dish for dinner tonight

There's so much love, history and culture in Ethiopian food. Take a quick trip to the motherland when you take a bite of our:

  • Spicy chicken thighs simmered in a robust sauce
  • Tasty Ethiopian-style steak tacos served with Ethiopian cheese
  • Traditional sambusas filled with a savory blend of lentils and peppers
  • we make the Injera in house fresh daily¬†
  • Ethiopian coffee and tea made fresh

All of our vegetable dishes are served vegan.
Share a meal with your family tonight at our authentic restaurant in Davenport, IA.