Have a Taste!

We serve a large variety of foods that include the most authentic Ethiopian dishes you normally can't get from anywhere else!

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What makes us unique?

We serve our dishes with Ethiopias traditional food called "Injera"

To eat our food instead of using silverware, you tear off a piece of Injera and grab your food with it to eat, requiring no fork or knife at all!

Our Story

Taste of Ethiopia, owned by Genet and George Moretes, opened in the Quad Cities in 2016. We serve the most unique, authenic food from Ethiopian culture. We want everyone to try and experience the Ethiopian lifestyle! More information about us is included in "The Quad City Times" and Living Local".

  • Living Local

    Watch Quad Cities "Living Local" interview owners "Genet and George Moraetes" about the authentic Ethiopian food we serve and the Ethiopian lifestyle.

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  • The Quad City Times

    Read The Quad City Times article that talks about our restaurant, what food we serve, and all the authentic options we have.

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